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_ @LupusAnthropos for best unintended suicides.

The Winner:

_ @etcet both for the nod to Ayn Rand/Atlas Shrugged and the Equilibrium style future. Eloquent and provoking.

The Winning Story:

_"We just wanted to be free."

Every facet of the protest brought forth a variation on the theme, from the occupied public spaces to the darkened patches of cyberspace to the email and phone cascades flooding the bureaucrats' offices.

"We just wanted to be free."
_It had been subtle, at first. A mild limning of the most outre elements of extremism. Common-sense provisions against danger, against terrorism, against hate. But then, as always, feature creep had developed. The lawyers. The social conservatives. The intellectual property goons. The anti-whateverites. They'd all moved in to take another bite out of freedom.

"We just wanted to be free."

Free from fear, free from hate, free from temptation, oppression, dissent, confusion, challenge... and, eventually, the need to think at all.

We had, indeed, just wanted to be free. From them.

And now they are going to be free of us.

Shut them down, gentlemen. Let them be free of everything.

-- Anonymous member "John Galt," posted to alt.text.revolution, 17 May 2013

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