Another great week of stories.  Thank you to Lisa Hollar (@Jezri1) for judging this week


@rastrohman / Ryan Strohman
@ModernBard1024 / Nancy P
@SweetSheil / Sheilagh Lee
@ChuckWesJ / Charles W Jones
@solimond / Nellie

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Honorable Mentions

@ModernBard1024 That last line had me cracking up.
@ChuckWesJ I loved the idea of a monster trying to preserve the woman he loved.


Winner is @LupusAnthropos I found his story interesting, with the concept of putting humans down, the way you would a horse.

The Winning Story

If People Were Horses
By Lupus Anthropos

It was an act of mercy. That's what they had said, anyway.

Margaret Green had just finished eating lunch when the phone rang. It was Miss Martin, the nurse at the grade school that Margaret's son, Timothy, attended.
"How's Tim doing?" his mother asked. "He's been getting really good grades, lately. I'm so proud of him."

"Yes, Meg - quite a scholar, that's for sure. That only makes my calling you even more difficult."

"Really? What happened?"

"At recess, today, your son was running with group of other boys and he tripped. There was something he obviously didn't see and his foot caught on it quite hard. The other kids even said they could hear it happening."

"Oh, my! Is my baby all right?"

"Well, Meg, of course the teacher on duty at the time brought him in to see me. His face was so contorted from the pain I almost didn't recognise him. This was certainly not just a sprain, but I took some X-rays to assess the damage and discovered that his entire lower leg had just shattered with multiple breaks. As I said, he must have been running very quickly and hit whatever it was with quite a bit of force."

"That doesn't sound very good, does it?" Meg managed to sob.

"He was only ten, and showed a lot of promise. Who knew this kind of thing would come up this early in his life. Of course, I hate to have to say this and I'll spare you the details, but I can assure you that Timothy was humanely destroyed."

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