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Not a very easy choice, but here we go:

Honorable Mentions

Honourable Mention #2: @solimond - Yum!

Honourable Mention #1: @caramichaels - If the paladins are superior humans, maybe his name should have been Eugene.  ;)


Winner: @DavidALudwig - After all, vampires need reflections, too.

Thank you, everyone who participated and especially our host, Wakefield.

The Winning Story

We try to be like him. It can be hard, and is rarely rewarding, but it is what we do. There are twenty of us. Usually plenty, but on occasion nowhere near enough. We don’t complain, except when he does. His name is William, and while he can’t hear us, he does see us.

There have been close calls over the years. On groggy mornings one or more of our number have overplayed William’s sleepiness and almost not made it in time. Of course until he’d had his coffee he was unlikely to notice. He may have suspected, but all would have been fine if he hadn’t visited the Hall of Mirrors on his trip to France. We were spread too thin.

William didn’t see himself where he expected to, and one of us made the critical error of jumping to fill the gap. It was then William realized he did not have a reflection. Our lives were ruined overnight. He sequestered himself from anything reflective and we could no longer be like him.

Fortunately his paranoia led to William being institutionalized. During a breakthrough hypno-therapy session one of us was able to trade places with William and secure release with a clean bill of health. It isn’t the same trying to be like one of our own, and William isn’t happy at all.

But it is a life.

By David  A Ludwig

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