Thank you to all of this week's contestants and readers.  Once again we have some brand new authors to showcase.  Check out all of the stories here.  Remember to come back next week and tell all of your friends because we will have a special judge and a special prize.  (and no the judge isn't me trying to sell you one of my books)  This week's contestants were:

ML Gammella ~ @MLGammella
Nellie ~ @solimond
Chessny Silth ~ @ChessnySilth
Lupus Anthropos ~ @LupusAnthropos
Michelle Smith ~ @msmithbooks
Warren Danbar ~ @warrendanbar
David A Ludwig ~ @DavidALudwig
Kimmydonn ~ @Kimmydonn
Miranda Kate ~ @PurpleQueenNL
Charles W Jones ~ @ChuckWesJ
Sheilagh Lee ~ @SweetSheil
SJI Holliday ~ @SJIHolliday

Judges Comments

Sheesh, you all really shoved me through the wringer this week. I feel like I've been tortured, threatened, abandoned, blackmailed and am now in desperate need of a nap in a safe room somewhere (padding preferred). Thanks to everyone for taking the time to share your fantastic skills here at #MotivationMonday. Oh, and thanks for making me crave toad warts. -Rebekah

Special “Please Don’t Kill Me” Award:

Sheilagh Lee. This award should be self-evident.

Honorable Mentions:

David Ludwig.
The characterization of the awkward (but passionate) kid and the annoyed (but vulnerable) shopkeeper is spot on. The pacing of the plot via dialogue is great, capped by the shopkeeper’s wonderfully resentful defense at the end. Nicely executed.  

Michelle Smith.
Creepy sandwich! The scene feels rushed in the right kind of way, an effective parallel of Laura’s panic and her sister’s consternation. I’m a little resentful of the cliffhanger, though. Please feel free to PM me to let me know if Laura gets away.  

I love this well-designed scene with the verbal battle between the demonkin and the Thorn Prince. The dialogue and details are richly painted, and hint of a much larger world and conflict. Though complete as is, it reads like a piece of an epic fantasy—and one that people would like to read.


Lupus Anthropos.
Cleverly written and action-packed, this concise story jerks the reader into the unexpected in almost every sentence. The storyteller’s skepticism and humor perfectly balance the utterly incomprehensible events. I felt like I was at Cheers. Except with aliens. 

Week 27 Entry
By Lupus Anthropos

"I can't wait that long."

He looked nervous and sounded earnest, but how could we believe what he had told us? Bar patrons weren't known for being the most credible people.

Wheels shrieked as they came to a sudden stop just outside the tavern. One, two, three doors opened then closed. The bartender, complying with our guest's request, plugged in an extension cord and tossed him the other end.

In a single motion that demonstrated dexterity and desperation, he caught the cord, cut off the end, split the two wires apart and plunged one into each eye socket.

The lights dimmed briefly and, just as the front door opened, the nervous man burst into a brilliant ball of light that expanded to fill the room and then vanished, leaving the extension cord to fall to the floor.

The three newcomers didn't bother to say, "Hello." They just turned around, ran back to their car and sped away. We still don't know what happened to that visitor or his pursuers and we never saw any of them again.

You should have seen what the bar's electric bill for that month was, though.

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