Another huge thank you to Siobhan Muir for judging this week.  Without further ado the results in the judges own words!

Honorable Mention for political Uh-oh factor

Antonio Angelo (@AntonioAngelo21) I loved the description and setup of the crime scene, the ensuing investigation and the realization that the ATF were the bad guys. Well done! :)

Honorable Mention for Sexy Swoon factor

Cara Michaels (@caramichaels) *Fans self* Where can I find a guy like that? To hell with drinking games, I want Kissing Games. Very fun!

The Winner!

Tom K (@dryadsgarden) I loved his grasp of the fantastic mixed with an accurate description of the real (the sniper). It was well written and exciting. My heart settled into the same state as the characters as he waited for orders.


_Somehow he wasn't surprised that it was snowing in Austin on June 19th. It had been a strange day from the start, first the snow, then the kidnapping, and now the hostage situation.
_The sniper paused, the barrel of his rifle resting solidly on the tripod. At least there wasn’t much of it he thought as he stretched out on the rooftop. He flexed his fingers before getting comfortable and placing his hands in position. Peering through the scope he saw the target through the window across the street.
_“Michaels, in position,” he whispered, his voice picked up by the throat mike he wore.
_“Smith, going live now,” he heard, knowing his team member had placed the directional microphone in a position to hear what was going on in the building.
_The man was prophesizing again, waving his arms with the sword in view as he spoke some nonsense about of the evil of man and the end of the world. Michaels had seen him before as he wandered the streets carrying placards with arcane references. They’d all thought him harmless with his constant babbling in some weird language that no one had understood. Hell, some professor had even commented that it was Babylonian or something in the earlier briefing. Now he was just a murderer, having killed two of the five people he’d kidnapped and herded into the office building before barricading himself in it. Who the hell kills with a sword these days? Michaels would have shaken his head would it not ruin his aim and positioning.
_Michaels listened as he waited; hearing the man speak to the remaining survivors as if they were the devil themselves. What the hell is that about? What was he saying? Acedia, vainglory, wrath…? Where had he heard that before? The radio hissed, overriding the man’s ranting. Two more victims had been located that had escaped before the man barricaded himself in.
“Units on the perimeter, stand by…” He heard as the radio traffic continued.
_Then the Chief came on. “Michaels, you have a green light, but I want a clean shot, there are still survivors.”
_“Acknowledged,” he whispered, cradling the rifle as he watched his target and listened. The man came into view and his finger tightened on the trigger as he breathed out to steady himself.
_“I tell you now,” he heard the man say as the sword rose in the air, “it’ll be a cold day in hell before I let the likes of you return to this Ear…” Crack… the bullet broke the window and the man toppled. Michaels exhaled as he watched the units rush in.
Then he remembered what they were. The words, sins, that was it, the Seven Deadly Sins. Suddenly Michael felt the cold reach deeper, the guy had been crazy, hadn’t he? He felt a pain deep in the pit of his stomach. Something didn’t feel right and then it began snowing harder. It was cold, far colder than it should have been.

Well done everyone and thanks for letting me judge, Wakefield!

:) Siobhan

That means Tom K (@dryadsgarden) will be invited to judge next week's challenge!  Thank you to all who participated!

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