Another week of fantastic stories from around the world.  This week's contestants included:

S Jayanth ~ @sankarajayanth
Robin Abess ~ @Angelique_Rider
Ryan Strohman ~ @rastrohman
Afsaneh ~ @Afsaneh_Dreams
Charles W Jones ~ @ChuckWesJ
Sheilagh Lee ~ @SweetSheil
Angelica Dawson  ~ @angelicadawson
Stevie McCoy ~ @theglitterlady
Rebekah Postupak ~ @postupak
Lisa McCourt Hollar ~ @jezri
Cara Michaels ~ @caramichaels

Special thanks to our Judge Jeffrey Hollar @Klingorengi! Here's what he had to say:

Judges Comments

Yet another truly awesome group of stories. The quality and the variety of the entries made the decision a difficult one at best.

Honorable Mentions

Ryan Strohman
I liked this tale because it took the predictable "two guys fighting over a girl" formula and blended in a delightfully-unexpected bit of science fiction. Nerds rule!

Afsaneh K
This story had a wonderfully flowing fairy tale feel to it. I wish you'd used your full word count to try to bring it more of a sense of an ending.

Lisa McCourtt Hollar
I loves me a good zombie story. It had a good, tight feel to it even if it confused me a bit.


Robin Abess
I have to say that this story was just downright freakin' creepy (a good thing). It conveyed a real Tales From The Darkside/Twilight Zone feel that was very compelling.

by Robin Abess

“You don’t need to fight over me.” The voice was soft and very hard to hear. Emily and Cassie looked at each other and then around the room to see who in the world could be talking to them.

“Down here.”

Two sets of wide eyes – one dark brown, one green – slowly lowered to the item that was clasped between them. Each little girl had a death grip on the china doll they had found in the attic of their aunt’s house. She had been the prettiest thing they had ever seen, and they scampered downstairs immediately to examine her in their bedroom. As they looked her over, each wanted to hold her.

“I saw her first, Emmy.”

“No, you didn’t Cass. We saw her at the same time and you know it.”

“Well…I’m older.” Cassie had tried to sound important. “That means I get to play with her first.”

“That’s not fair! I’ll tell Aunt Gert.” Emmy sounded as if she would start crying.

“Oh, you’re such a baby… go ahead, I don’t care…”

That was when the voice had broken in, leaving them staring in wonder. Slowly they lowered the doll to the flowered rug. Cassie licked her lips nervously, and Emmy put her right hand up to her mouth, chewing on her fingernail. It was silent for a few moments, then Cassie said “Did…did you say something?”

“Yes, I did. You young ladies have no business fighting over me. You can share me easily, you know.”

The doll sat up and the painted lips moved in cheerful smile.

Emmy scooted backward a bit, her lower lip trembling and her brow furrowed. Cassie leaned forward, studying the doll.

“How are you able to do that?” she asked.

“Do what? Move? Well, my dear, I was put under a magic spell a long time ago. Turned into a toy to await the day when a nice little girl would pick me up and love me again, then I could be human once more.”

“Cassie…I don’t like this…” Emmy sounded scared to death. “I think we should tell Aunt Gert.”

Two pairs of eyes turned toward her, both dark brown. The expression in neither set was friendly.

“Emmy, you’re being a baby again. What’s your name?” Cassie turned back to the doll.


“That’s my name too!”

“Is it? How marvelous.”

Emmy was terrified by the doll and refused to sleep in the same room with her. She slept on the sofa downstairs. When she came up to wake her sister the next morning, hoping she would be through with the doll, she was surprised to see it was nowhere to be found.

“Cassie? Time to wake up.”

As Cassie stretched and yawned, Emmy looked around again. “Where’s the…you know…”

Cold dark brown eyes studied her. “She was hungry…so I fed her. She won’t be hungry again…at least not for awhile.”

Cassie began to laugh and Emmy knew it would be a long time before she could stop screaming.

Robin Abess
6/19/2012 10:13:16 pm

Thank you so much! I am thrilled to be chosen!


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