Another phenomenal week.  Thanks this this week's judge Rebekah Postupak and all of our contributors. 

Untitled by Rafe B
The Priest and the Werewolf by J M Filipowicz
Untitled by Charles W Jones
Untitled by Stevie McCoy
Untitled by Chessny Silth
Untitled by Cara Michaels
Untitled by David A Ludwig
Untitled by Sheilagh Lee
Untitled by Ruth Long
Untitled by Alissa Leonard
Untitled by Nellie
Read, Spot, Read by Wakefield Mahon

Without further ado, here are your results!

Judge's Notes

Thanks, everybody, for your tails this week. Our “no howling” sign brought out the shaggy dogs, of course; but what a kick to also see dragons (MWAH!) and myriad otherworldly critters too (heartfelt apologies to our friends in Veden if “critters” offends). 

Bonus Points

Rafe @etcet
Although the story didn’t technically follow the contest rules, this was a fantastic mangling of the opening prompt. Lots of bonus points for thinking outside the box!

Champ of Ineligible Awesomeness

Wakefield Mahon @WakefieldMahon. This story and its shape-shifting, jewelry-gnawing business owner and the imprudent dog rocked my dragon world. Loved the tone, loved the sarcasm, loved the twist. Dislike the ineligibility.

Honorable Mentions

Cara Michaels @caramichaels.
Without question, top honors here for the opening paragraph. I keep coming back to reread it, and STILL it has me in stitches. Wonderfully done.  

Ruth Long @bullishink.
Love the concept of “ink fever” and the dragon cure. It felt very Asian mob, so the dragon made a fitting and very, very cool complexity.


Stevie McCoy @theglitterlady.
Just a morsel of a tale, but what a hilarious twist on the language faux pas. I love how in a very compact amount of space you conveyed an entire world and story. That’s finesse at its finest. Congratulations!

By Stevie McCoy

The sign read, "No howling." Yet it seemed to act more like an invitation. Those who read it took no heed to follow the warning.
And it was a warning. They obviously didn’t understand what inflection they’re using when belting out in the moonlight.
They could’ve been saying anything. And it would be in their best interest not to say something rude.
I heard the howls in the distance and shook my head.
It wasn’t rude, this time, but it always lifted his spirits when he thought there’s someone else out there like him. He won’t be happy when he finds that the howls were merely trespassers ignoring the sign.
I shrugged.
I didn’t like cooking anyways.
At least my husband wouldn’t go hungry.

7/25/2012 02:08:19 am

Sweet baby wolves! My first Motivation Monday Win! Thank you!

Rebekah Postupak
7/25/2012 04:12:01 am

Well-deserved! As one who's accidentally made faux pas in other languages while traveling abroad, I found your twist on the warning sign particularly funny.


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