Congratulations to all of our authors on another week of outstanding offerings!

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*The Longest Day by Nick Johns
Day Zero by L. T. Dalin
Untitled by Rebekah Postupak
New Beginnings by Sheilagh Lee
Untitled by Mark Etheridge
Untitled by Siobhan Muir
Project: Rebirth by Alissa Leonard
Harlow's Gold by Bullish
Untitled by Nellie
As She Wills by Marie Frizelle

Judge's Comments

Even with a tightly directed prompt this week (sheesh mareesh, promptmeister!), what a pleasure it was seeing the myriad directions you awesome imagineers took the idea. Thanks so much for helping spur on your fellow writers by participating in this weekly contest and struttin' your stuff, and thanks for allowing me the privilege of judging.

General Comments

Nick Johns:
A fun take on Stonehenge! Some of your wording grabbed me--pale fingers of daylight; rough, unfeeling hands. Tangible, visceral writing.

L.T. Dalin:
Sort of the anti Lord of the Flies; I liked reading of a disaster bringing people together instead of dividing them. If only!!

Sheilagh Lee:
Your story made me thankful (again) for hospitals and epidurals and was a refreshing reminder of how brave and resilient our ancestors were.

Siobhan Muir:
LOVE Sabrina's wry, wistful voice.

Bullish Ink:
The underworld this time really IS in the underworld. This story was a riot, and you made me want to read more.

Love your protagonist's determination. And "spider bots" just makes me plain happy.

Marie Frizelle:
Ooo, how fascinating seeing the world's destruction from its creator's POV. I love how you humanized her, how she anguished over destroying her people.

Honorable Mention

Alissa Leonard @lissajean7:
This whole story is COOL, and I want to know more: what (or who) caused the destruction, and why are all these babies being born now amongst the wolves (whose experiment was this?)? what is the force that compels the dragon? Really wonderful plotting. Please flesh out this story and publish it at your earliest convenience. Thank you


Mark Ethridge @LurchMunster:
I love how you managed to squish both plot and pathos into a scant 332 words. The wandering not-really-aliens and their prosaic hope for (presumably) Earth are compelling; their grim optimism binds the tale together from start to finish. Nice job!

By Mark Ethridge

Wild grass and weeds had grown up; reclaiming what was once evidence of eons of technological advances. It was as we’d planned it. We’d left our home world three centuries earlier. Taking our machines with us. Waiting for all signs of our existence to fade away. Waiting for the natural balance of the planet to be restored.

We have cities on all planets of the system. Even Mercury, with its insane levels of solar radiation, and extreme heat and cold. We have colonies on all the planetoids in the Kuiper belt. We have stations in place between here an Proxima Centauri. And soon, we will have colonies there. We will have spread to two star systems. From there, we will continue to spread.

There are hundreds of billions of us. In time, there will be more of us than can be counted. We have escaped the bonds of our home world. We are no longer at risk of being wiped from existence by a single disaster. We have sent our machines ahead of us, to the 20 closest star systems. We have learned.

We are alone in our galaxy. There are no other races. No other people. That populate any star systems, anywhere. There is life, yes. Life is everywhere. It takes all kinds of forms. It thrives in all kinds of environments. But, we alone have escaped the confines of a single world. A single star.

And, after our centuries of exploring, we are lonely.

This is why we have set our home world free. This is why we protect it from danger, preventing asteroid and comet strikes. This is why we wait. And watch. We watch the dolphins, and the whales. And especially the other mammals. The ones with thumbs. We hope that someday, given time, our birthplace will sire another race like us. So we won’t be alone any more. Until then, we will watch. And wait. There is no rush. We have nothing but time.

9/11/2012 11:30:15 pm

Had to tweet this 3 times, before I realized it was @LurchMunster, not *monster. Silly me.

Anyway, Congratulations! Especially, of course, to Mr. Ethridge and Mrs. Leonard!

I think everyone showed a lot of skill and imagination, especially this time considering the prompt. :)

Can't wait 'till next Monday, I shall see you all there...I hope.

Rebekah Postupak
9/12/2012 10:57:14 am

Oops. My mistake. WM, will you please correct it for me? Thanks.


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