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Spelunking by Robin Abess
Untitled by Stevie
Wish by David A Ludwig
Untitled by Siobhan Muir
Shipwrecked by : Bullish

Judges Notes

An inspiring prompt this week and some awesome stories. It was really interesting to see the different directions everyone took the prompt. I definitely had a blast reading the stories!

Honorable Mention

@bullishink – I love the narrator of your story. I love his voice, his take charge attitude and how he took a bad situation and made it work for him. The line “A man’s priorities shift when nature knock’s him down to size” is wonderful.


@DavidALudwig – David crafted a fantastic story here. It’s a wonderful take on the genie and the first sentence is brilliant. Fifty years on a tricycle with the same person is quite the accomplishment, but be careful what you wish for, right?

By David A Ludwig

With two people stuck on a tricycle in the middle of nowhere for two hundred years, trouble is bound to happen. I really wish that were some obscure metaphor—or better yet inebriated or sleep deprived prattle. But no, my friend Saya just had to make fun of the genie’s accent and mannerisms while we were discussing our wishes.

I guess Saya and I met when we were teenagers, both in trouble with the law and looking to see if we got in enough trouble we could come full circle and be clean again. It was sort of a quest to see if the legal world was round. Right away we hit it off, and soon we weren’t just inseparable, but untouchable too. I can’t say we ever made it all the way around to clean again, but when nobody could pin us down long enough to charge us we were living pretty large.

So it felt like Saya and I had known each other forever. She was everything a guy could wish for, smart, good looking, athletic, with a great sense of humor and more than a little shorter than me. Okay, so her sense of humor was a little mean at times, but I knew she meant well… Well, as well as I did anyway. The important thing is we never crossed each other.

We had a great time pulling heists, living freely and taking whatever the world had to offer us. Death could have come for us at any minute and I would have been happy with the time we’d had together—though of course I wanted more. Then we turned over this sheik’s personal warehouse and found the magic lamp, along with some priceless relics we used for target practice.

Saya was the one who rubbed the lamp, though even she hadn’t been expecting the face full of genie smoke or the stuffy gentleman in rhinestones with the southern drawl. I kid you not. A genie. Dressed in rhinestones. With a southern drawl. Even I thought it was hilarious—magical and spooky too—but mostly hilarious.

Saya blew our first wish on the solid gold tricycle encrusted with jewels before we realized Mr. Jazz Hands was serious about the wish granting. There was really only one thing I wanted, but in retrospect it was pretty dumb of me to mention it to an all powerful magical being my girlfriend had been viciously mocking. Our second wish, courtesy of me, was to be together forever.

At this point it’s my turn to take over pedaling the tricycle to keep us from sinking into the desert—hence my talking to myself while Saya tries to get to sleep on my back. We had a good run; it took about fifty years of this before we finally got sick of each other. Now I just wish I could figure out what the genie thought our third wish was and how we ended up out here with no escape.

12/19/2012 02:50:17 pm

Wow, thanks! That was definitely a unique prompt, and I wasn't sure I had anything interesting to do with it until I got to the end of my first draft. Congrats to Ruth, and thanks to HL Pauff for judging, Wakefield for hosting.
This makes me judge again, doesn't it?


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