The first volume of the Song Stories anthology is finished and to celebrate, we're bringing Motivation Monday back with a vengeance!

Each week will highlight a different author. The weekly prompt will be related in some way to the story.  The highlighted judge will select a winning entry and two to three honorable mentions.  The winner will receive a free kindle copy of the anthology.  The winner and honorable mentions will all be added to a grand prize drawing. Three lucky winners will receive a paperback copy of the anthology.

The rules remain the same: 200-500 words in any genre as long as your first words are those in the prompt. 

3/11/2013 is our first day back so mark your calendars, tell your friends and then come show off your skills.  Motivation Monday is back!

3/10/2013 03:09:20 am

Welcome back, Wakefield! Have been checking, checking, checking, hoping this would return.


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